Top 10 Features to Look for in Asset Management Software

Asset Management Software

The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program has been a cornerstone of affordable housing initiatives since its inception in 1986. However, challenges such as cost disparities and criticisms regarding its effectiveness highlight the need for robust management tools. This blog explores the pivotal features of an effective LIHTC asset management software, focusing on comprehensive solutions to address industry challenges and foster success. 

Challenges in LIHTC Development 

To comprehend what features an asset management software requires, it’s imperative that we first understand what challenges in LIHCT we’re battling against.

Cost Considerations and Industry Estimates 

Developers within the LIHTC framework often face a unique challenge – producing housing units that tend to be 20% more expensive per square foot than industry estimates. Striking a balance between quality and cost efficiency is crucial for the success of these affordable housing projects. 

Criticisms of the LIHTC Program 

Despite its significance, the LIHTC program has not been immune to criticism. Inefficiencies in providing affordable housing and the susceptibility to fraudulent activities have raised concerns. There is a growing consensus that improvements in oversight and administration are essential to strengthen cost assessment and mitigate fraud risks.

An Overview of Asset Management Services in LIHTC 

Asset management simplifies LIHTC (Low-Income Housing Tax Credit) by providing a centralized platform to monitor and optimize affordable housing projects. With its advanced features, asset management enhances efficiency, minimizes risks, and effectively utilizes tax credits.  

Shifting Mindset: Viewing Properties as Assets 

The term “Asset Management” takes on a profound meaning in real estate. It entails shifting the perception of properties from physical structures to valuable assets. This paradigm shift allows developers and owners to make investment decisions beyond immediate considerations, emphasizing the long-term impact on properties and communities. 

Role of Asset Management in Affordable Multifamily Housing 

Asset management services form the backbone of support for the affordable multifamily housing industry. These services, tailored for developers, owners, investors, lenders, and asset managers, focus on monitoring and reporting to ensure the sustained performance of affordable housing developments.

Benefits of Leveraging LIHTC Asset Management Services 

The advantages of effective LIHTC asset management services are multifaceted. They encompass cost-effective risk management, responsive direction to property management, optimization of property cash flow, and the utilization of extensive experience in multifamily and affordable housing asset management. These services provide stakeholders with the time and resources needed for strategic decision-making and value maximization.  

Key Features of Fusion LIHTC Asset Management Software 

Selecting LIHTC management software with specific features is crucial for efficient, affordable housing development. Looking for features optimizes project performance and maximizes the impact of Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, which is vital for successful, affordable housing initiatives. Let’s look at features you should look for in Asset Management Software. 


A distinguishing feature of effective LIHTC asset management software is that it gives users unparalleled control over their data. It enables users to generate customized reports in real-time, eliminating dependence on third-party vendors and ensuring timely access to critical information. 

Construction and Lease-Up Monitoring 

Navigating the intricacies of construction and lease-up phases becomes seamless with advanced monitoring capabilities. Stakeholders can systematically track construction costs, change orders, inspection dates, AHIC scores, and other metrics against established benchmarks. Real-time updates facilitate swift issue identification, ensuring projects remain within budgetary constraints and adhere to deadlines. 

Notes and Reminders 

Proactive asset management precedes sophisticated systems for capturing and retrieving project notes. The software allows users to tag notes with predefined topics, ensuring standardized classification. Integrating robust notes with automated email reminders for tasks forms a powerful tool, preventing oversights and promoting smooth project management processes. 

General Property Data Management 

Efficient data management is a hallmark of reliable LIHTC asset management software. The software intuitively organizes data in user-friendly interfaces by replacing delicate spreadsheets with a secure and dependable database. Access to historical data, often overwritten in other systems, remains readily available with just a click. Features like type-ahead search and logical tab layouts ensure users effortlessly connect to the required information. 

Financial Statement Analysis 

Streamlining financial statement analysis is a pivotal function of advanced LIHTC asset management software. Through automated data collection services that upload monthly trial balances, the software minimizes errors and time consumption. Built-in workflows simplify the analysis of monthly and audited financials, enhancing overall productivity and allowing stakeholders to focus on meaningful research rather than administrative tasks. 

Tax Credit Calculations and Fund Roll-Up 

Effective LIHTC asset management software automates the intricate task of calculating annual tax credits on a building-by-building basis. The software ensures precision in calculations by leveraging initial information and qualified occupancy data. The ability to roll up each partnership’s credit delivery to the fund level provides a comprehensive view. Simultaneously, tracking changes to prior-year tax credits ensures adjustments seamlessly carry forward, contributing to a holistic and accurate financial overview.

Compliance Tracking and Reporting 

A robust LIHTC Asset Management Software should include features for tracking and reporting on compliance with LIHTC regulations. This feature encompasses monitoring income limits for eligible tenants, ensuring adherence to project requirements, and generating compliance reports to facilitate transparency and audit readiness.  

Document Management 

Efficient document management is crucial in LIHTC projects. The software should offer a secure repository for storing and organizing important documents such as partnership agreements, regulatory documents, and financial records. Easy access to relevant documentation enhances transparency and aids in audits and compliance checks.  

Portfolio Analysis and Optimization 

For developers and investors with multiple LIHTC projects, the software should offer portfolio analysis and optimization features. This facility involves assessing the performance of the entire LIHTC portfolio, identifying trends, and making strategic decisions to enhance overall portfolio performance. Tools for scenario analysis can aid in making informed investment decisions.  

Budgeting and Financial Planning 

Comprehensive budgeting and financial planning features are essential for managing LIHTC projects. The software should support creating and tracking project budgets, providing real-time insights into financial performance. This methodology includes features for expense tracking, revenue projections, and financial forecasting. 


In the dynamic landscape of LIHTC development, the efficiency of asset management software is paramount. Fusion’s LIHTC asset management software emerges as a comprehensive solution, addressing the challenges developers, owners, and investors face.

From customizable reporting to real-time monitoring during critical construction phases, Fusion empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions, optimize property performance, and contribute to the success of affordable housing initiatives.  

In an era where technology shapes the future of affordable housing, Fusion stands as a beacon, guiding stakeholders towards sustained positive outcomes for both their projects and the communities they serve. 

Fusion is an intuitive Software solution for streamlining LIHTC Asset Management. It empowers asset managers, general partners, and investors in the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) space with the tools they need to thrive.   

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