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Fusion can transform how your asset managers work. From construction to asset management to disposition — it’s everything for LIHTC management in one place. Simple.


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Scale from managing a thousand properties to ten thousand, in a jiffy. Fusion can help streamline and scale your LIHTC portfolio.

User-friendly Interface

Automated Workflows

Industry Specific Tools

Minimize Operational Costs

Comprehensive Reporting


Explore What Fusion Can Do

Clarity and control—that's what your asset managers get with Fusion. Plus, you get to see the health of the whole portfolio instantly or break it down by individual buildings.

Break Down Data Silos

Fusion can be the single source of truth for your entire portfolio. With Fusion, asset managers, developers, and investors get all the essential data without the noise. Break down data silos and keep everyone in step, with Fusion.

Help my team collaborate better

Centralize Management

With Fusion, you can centralize all partnership and deal information. You get a single, reliable source for all essential data. Give everyone in your organization the access they need to the same, up-to-date information, eliminating cumbersome data management systems and the risk of miscommunication.

Unify Access

Manage all property-related information in one place. This includes geo-mapping, contact details, and developer information, ensuring that all relevant data is easily accessible and shareable across teams for better collaboration and decision-making.

Organize Documents

Upload and manage all documents about your assets right on the platform. Fusion’s centralized document repository eliminates the need for multiple storage locations. Plus, all your team members can quickly find and access the documents they need.

Mobile Accessibility

Fusion’s mobile app extends the power of centralized data to on-the-go access. Ensure that field inspections are always in sync with the central database, providing real-time updates and maintaining data integrity across your portfolio and properties.

Reduce Costs

Fusion is intuitive and efficient. With features like audit workflows, built-in financial analysis, and automated data collection, your team can start managing more deals with less resources in no time, reducing operational costs.

Reduce my operational costs

Streamline Management

Automate the creation and management of invoices, receipts, and fee structures. With Fusion, asset managers can save time and effort during the whole billing process—and handle more transactions with fewer resources.

Automate Workflows

Fusion simplifies and automates internal audit workflows. With in-built features for tracking audit signoffs and financial statements, Fusion eliminates manual audits and ensures that your financial reviews are thorough and efficient.

Offload Data Collection

With our optional service for data ingestion, Fusion ensures timely data uploads and eliminates manual data entry, cutting down operational costs and human error. Auto-trigger reminders for follow-up with operators, in-built validation of uploaded data, and data analysis, Fusion simplifies processing cumbersome quarterly financials.

Track Construction and Development

Track construction timelines, costs, and inspection schedules with Fusion. By centralizing these processes, you can eliminate the need for multiple management tools and reduce budget overruns caused by project delays and miscommunications.

Jeff Morgan

COO & EVP Wentwood Capital Advisors LP
“Fusion’s thoughtful design and robust functionality allow asset managers to proactively analyze portfolios and efficiently report to investors. There is really nothing like it in the market today.

Maximize Portfolio Performance

Fusion analyzes and summarizes each property’s financials and compares them over different periods, flagging variances. With insights, not just data, at your fingertips you can make informed decisions and continuously optimize your portfolio’s performance.

Optimize my portfolio’s performance

Financial Analysis

Get a detailed view of balance sheets, income statements, and budget data across your portfolio. Monitor profit and loss, track occupancy rates, and compare financial performance over different periods, with a few clicks. Keep your finger on the pulse of your portfolio’s financial health, with Fusion.

Monitor Properties

With Fusion, you can keep an eye on the health of your assets. Monitor the property status updates, site visit logs, and notes to watch the property’s performance and red flags. With property info easily accessible, your team can proactively address potential problems before they jeopardize your returns.

AHIC Ratings

Monitor and track the AHIC Ratings for your buildings. Improve accountability and transparency using the standard benchmark of investment and property health. Your team can rate and review deal risks within the Fusion platform to provide a clear risk assessment for each deal.

Manage Expenses

Fusion provides tools for updating and managing equity, financing, and reserves for each deal. By keeping track of capital contributions, loans, and reserve funds, Fusion ensures that you can effectively manage expenses and optimize the financial performance of each deal and your overall portfolio.

Erich Schwenker

President, Cardinal Capital Management and Astra Capital Management
"With Fusion, we can analyze what makes a property perform well or not, even across nine different property management companies. As an owner, having that at your fingertips is priceless As an owner, having that at your fingertips is priceless.

Maintain Accountability

Get a bird’s eye view of your entire portfolio. Proactively manage critical deadlines and potential issues before they escalate. Fusion gives you comprehensive oversight to ensure accountability at every level of your operations.

Help me eliminate unwanted surprises

Comprehensive View

Fusion provides comprehensive visibility across your portfolio. Fusion centralizes critical information, including geo-mapping, contacts, and developer details, ensuring that every team member has access to the same, up-to-date data.

Audit and Compliance

Fusion streamlines compliance processes for LIHTC properties. By managing audit workflows and tracking financial data quarterly on Fusion, asset managers can ensure that all compliance requirements are met efficiently, reducing the risk of tax credit claw-backs.

Track and Report

Fusion tracks property status updates and site visits, enabling your team to log and monitor property performance comprehensively. With Fusion, your team can identify and address issues, plus set up proactive reporting to keep all stakeholders informed and in the loop.

Centralize Issue Logging

Fusion allows you to log comments and track financial red flags or variances. This centralized logging system ensures that all issues are documented and followed up on, promoting a culture of accountability and continuous improvement within your team.

Customized Reporting

Generate customized reports quickly. With Fusion, your team can respond to internal and external information requests in no time. With all your data in one secure place, you get seamless access and modern data protection.

Modernize my portfolio's reporting

Reporting for Your Needs

Fusion allows you to generate reports tailored to your specific needs. With over 30 standard reports and the ability to create custom reports, you can provide detailed insights and analyses that meet the unique requirements of your stakeholders.

Modernize Data Management

Ensure that your team gets data that is up-to-date and easily accessible. By automating data ingestion and providing a centralized location for all information, Fusion enables you to quickly compile accurate reports. Plus, it eliminates the risk of human error and inefficiency in manual data entry.

Streamline Data Aggregation

Track financial statements, tax returns, and quarterly reports, to make it simple to compile comprehensive financial insights. Fusion streamlines the interoperability of your data sources to ensure that you have all the necessary information at your fingertips to produce detailed and timely reports.

Distribute Reports with a Click

With Fusion’s integrated document management and reporting tools, you can effortlessly share and distribute reports. Whether it’s for internal review or external stakeholders, Fusion ensures that your team has access to the most current and relevant information, keeping you on top of your game.


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