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LIHTC Managment, from Start to Finish

Maximize returns and ensure compliance. With Fusion, your AMs can simplify LIHTC asset management, giving them room to focus more on your assets and less on busywork.

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Tax Credit that Just Falls into Place 

Optimize tax credit allocation and compliance. Manage, track, and adjust tax credits across buildings, ensuring precise oversight and compliance. 


Centrally track credits by buildings to maximize portfolio returns.

Track Losses 

Monitor and adjust operating losses seamlessly in one place.

Ensure Compliance 

Maintain compliance with a dedicated LIHTC platform. 

Optimize Credit Allocation 

Fusion simplifies the allocation of tax credits to individual buildings, ensuring your LIHTC portfolio’s compliance right from the start, every year.

  • Allocate tax credits to buildings
  • Record and adjust operating losses
  • Optimize tax credit usage to maximize returns

Automate Credit Calculation 

With Fusion, automate the complex aspects of LIHTC calculations, including tracking credits and calculating variances to ensure financial oversight.

  • Monitor variance and adjust tax credits
  • Track and effectively manage historic tax credits
  • Adjust credits for precise management

Erich Schwenker

President Cardinal Capital Management and A-star Capital Management
“With Fusion, we can analyze what makes a property perform well or not, even across nine different property management companies. As an owner, having that at your fingertips is priceless.

Streamline LIHTC Compliance 

With Fusion, you can store your K-1 forms and detailed 8586 reports in one place to provide robust compliance tools for OPs and tax management.

  • Update partner’s share of tax credit benefits
  • Report on credit and occupancy
  • Meet all tax credit compliance mandates

Make LIHTC Management a No-sweat Job 

Fusion helps asset managers track and claim tax credits accurately and helps them stay on-point with tax returns for compliance.

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