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Keep an Eye on All Your Properties 

Know and track every detail about your LIHTC properties. Simple contact management, site visit tracking, insurance updates, and unit mix overview—Fusion streamlines property oversight. 

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Keep Your Assets Productive

Get the control you need over your properties. Fusion provides all the tools necessary to monitor and track red flags, site operations, and deal risks by each property. 

Centralize Information 

Bring all property details together in one centralized place—from contacts to unit mixes to insurance policies. 

Mitigate Risks 

Utilize the AHIC Rating system to proactively monitor, assess, and manage risks associated with your deals. 

Streamline Operations 

Speed up routine processes. Manage everything on one intuitive platform, from property inspections to insurance management. 

Get a Cross-Sectional View on Any Property

Fusion allows you to meticulously manage basic property information, contact details, and developer data, ensuring that you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

  • Drill down on properties within an OP
  • Export all details in PDF of excel format
  • Track audit and tax information
  • Developer and contractor information
  • Track unit mix
  • Update and monitor rental assistance

Property Oversight, Made Simple 

Future-proof your LIHTC deals. Schedule site visits, maintain comprehensive inspection logs, and track flagged properties to monitor and address issues proactively.

  • Track and update property status
  • Log data from scheduled site visits
  • Maintain comprehensive notes

Jeff Morgan

COO & EVP Wentwood Capital Advisors LP
“Fusionsw’ LIHTC expertise and unwavering focus on building a performance based system to manage data effectively was integral to Wentwood’s decision to select Fusion. Fusion’s thoughtful design and robust functionality allow asset managers to proactively analyze portfolios and efficiently report to investors.”

Manage Your Policies, End-to-End 

Get insurance management tools, right where you manage your assets. Fusion helps you track and manage property and liability policies, agent contacts, claims, renewals and much more.

  • Insurance detail management
  • Keep coverage up to date
  • Add and track claims

Enhance Transparency and Trust 

Let your investors know what’s going on with your funds. Fusion provides your asset managers with the tools to assess and rate deal and property risks according to the industry’s standard AHIC ratings.

  • Deal and building risk ratings
  • Rating validations workflows
  • Quarterly ratings review

Drill Down on One Property or One Thousand 

Leverage Fusion to maintain a high level of oversight without getting lost in the weeds. 

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Common Property Oversight Questions

Find quick answers to your property management queries with Fusion.

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