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Easily Manage Partnerships and User Permissions 

Efficiently manage investment partnership entities and user roles on Fusion. Set up access controls and add and manage AMs to protect your data and streamline LIHTC operations. 

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Adjust Access Controls

Fusion simplifies the legwork for setting up access to your data. You can set up legal entities, create AM profiles, and clearly mark out permission for users within the system.


Define and manage operating partnerships easily.

Properties and AMs

Set up and manage access for AMs effectively.

User Role Management

Create and control user roles and permissions efficiently. 

Efficient Portfolio Management 

With Fusion, you can create and manage operating partnerships and legal entities, making it easy to link them with LIHTC properties.

  • Create new Investment Limited Partnerships
  • Set up new legal entities
  • Assign and manage asset managers

Robust User Management 

Manage user roles and permissions with Fusion’s comprehensive user management feature. Managing roles ensures that each user has appropriate access to meet their responsibilities.

  • Create new user roles in Fusion with specific permissions
  • Assign roles to users to streamline operations
  • Control and manage user access efficiently

Erich Schwenker

President Cardinal Capital Management and A-star Capital Management
“With Fusion, we can analyze what makes a property perform well or not, even across nine different property management companies. As an owner, having that at your fingertips is priceless.

Fusion: Built for Asset Managers

Fusion provides asset managers with the tools they need to manage portfolios and admins the control to manage access efficiently.

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