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Financial Oversight at Your Fingertips

Fusion helps ensure profitability and compliance across your LIHTC portfolio with tools like occupancy and financial performance analysis.

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Precise and Intuitive

Manage your LIHTC finances and compliance with precision. Fusion provides detailed audit workflow management, occupancy tracking, revenue and income reporting, and deal financials analysis.


Track financial statements annually, quarterly, or monthly by deal.


Monitor occupancy and financials for each operating partnership.


Get sophisticated financial analysis to share with stakeholders.

Audit OP Financials in a Breeze

Fusion simplifies the whole auditing process. Now, asset managers have comprehensive tools for tracking and analyzing financial statements, ensuring compliance and maximizing returns.

  • Advanced financial analysis features
  • Monitor assets and liabilities
  • Keep close track of profits and losses
  • Track custom fees not requiring audits
  • Streamline internal audit workflows

Comprehensive Reporting

Manage all aspects of routine data entry and analysis on one platform and ensure financial compliance for all your LIHTC properties.

  • Enter and track quarterly project lease-up
  • Monitor qualified unit occupancy rates
  • Track assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses
  • Enter and monitor un-audited budget data
  • Record and analyze financial data year-on-year
  • Analyze monthly financial data

Erich Schwenker

President Cardinal Capital Management and A-star Capital Management
“With Fusion, we can analyze what makes a property perform well or not, even across nine different property management companies. As an owner, having that at your fingertips is priceless.

Keep Track of Financial Documentation 

Keep all financial documents organized and easily accessible. Ensure your AMs quickly get the data they need to monitor compliance.

  • Track financial statements and tax returns efficiently
  • Monitor and track quarterly financial data seamlessly
  • Audits, work papers, and independence letters for each OP

Integrated Finance & Compliance Management 

Enable data-driven decisions and growth for your business. Fusion makes it easier than ever for your asset managers to maintain financial integrity and compliance. 

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