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Offload the Grunt Work

Fusion’s data collection and management services can carry the weight of aggregating, validating, and analyzing the physical data—from all your LIHTC properties.

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Accurate Data Management 

Streamline your LIHTC data processes. With Fusion, your team gets advanced data ingestion and management services. Ensure data fidelity and send out timely reminders for financial data uploads.


Unburden your in-house team and optimize operation efficiency


Automate reminders for quarterly financial uploads 

Manage Data

Ingest and process data easily to maintain high data fidelity.

Streamline Data Collection 

Fusion simplifies the entire data collection process across your portfolio. Automate data ingestion and follow up with management entities to collect data that’s up-to-date and accurate.

  • Simplify data ingestion
  • Ensure data accuracy
  • Automate follow-ups with 3rd party entities
  • Consistent and timely financial data updates

Organize Data Imports

Fusion’s data ingestion services provide easy preprocessing, allowing you to organize, validate, and utilize unwieldly data effectively.

  • Efficiently manage and process all collected data.
  • Validation checks to maintain data integrity.
  • Aggregate ingested data into portfolio-level reports.

Jeff Morgan

COO & EVP Wentwood Capital Advisors LP
“Fusionsw’ LIHTC expertise and unwavering focus on building a performance based system to manage data effectively was integral to Wentwood’s decision to select Fusion. Fusion’s thoughtful design and robust functionality allow asset managers to proactively analyze portfolios and efficiently report to investors.”

Data Collection & Management, at Scale 

Fusion’s advanced data management services enhance data fidelity and business efficiency, giving back time to your asset managers for high-value tasks.

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