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Construction Tracking for LIHTC Projects

Maximize efficiency in the construction phase. Track every facet of your property's development to ensure construction stays on time and on budget.

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Crystal-clear Visibility

Manage your LIHTC construction phases with precision. Get full visibility and control over timelines, costs, and inspection schedules to ensure property construction doesn’t fall behind.

Track Progress

Keep your projects on schedule with accurate tracking on construction timelines and construction draws.

Ensure Quality 

Maintain regular and systematic inspection schedules to ensure quality and compliance. 

Manage Costs 

Monitor and manage project costs to stay within budget, eliminating cost overruns and unnecessary stress.

Contruction Tracking on Fingertips

Monitor the specifics of your LIHTC construction projects with software that’s made for asset managers. Gain insights into how your project is going, right from the start.

  • Precise monitoring
  • Efficient tracking
  • Track repayment plans effectively

Upgrade Inspection Management 

Stay on top of your construction phase like never before. Easily manage, store, and access all inspection reports in one place with Fusion.

  • Organize and manage inspections
  • Documentation control
  • Securely store inspection reports

Jeff Morgan

COO & EVP Wentwood Capital Advisors LP
“Fusionsw’ LIHTC expertise and unwavering focus on building a performance based system to manage data effectively was integral to Wentwood’s decision to select Fusion. Fusion’s thoughtful design and robust functionality allow asset managers to proactively analyze portfolios and efficiently report to investors.”

Construction Phase Monitoring, Made Easy 

Fusion simplifies construction and development management, making it easier to keep your LIHTC projects on track. 

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