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Automate Billing for Better Business Outcomes 

Experience the future of LIHTC management. Automate your billing process, from fee distribution to invoicing to receipts management for better productivity.

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Make Billing Organized and Efficient 

Achieve a new level of financial efficiency and oversight. Fusion automates and simplifies your billing operations to save time and reduce errors. 

Fee Distribution 

Set up and manage distribution schedules effortlessly, ensuring accurate fee allocations.  

Receipt Management 

Accurately capture and summarize payment receipts, maintaining a clear record of transactions. 

Minimize Overhead 

Quickly generate detailed invoices, streamlining the billing cycle for partnerships and reducing administrative overhead. 

Manage Fee Structures

Define and customize various fee structures to suit your project needs. Plus, ensure compliance with deal benchmarks.

  • Fee customization
  • Create and adjust fee types
  • Structure efficiently
  • Match goals and financial strategies

Organize Billing Notes 

Log all notes and ensure nothing gets overlooked. Fusion can keep all billing-related communications and notes well organized.

  • Centralized note-keeping
  • Ensure transparency and continuity
  • Retrieve specific billing details

Erich Schwenker

President Cardinal Capital Management and A-star Capital Management
“With Fusion, we can analyze what makes a property perform well or not, even across nine different property management companies. As an owner, having that at your fingertips is priceless.

Manage Distribution Schedules 

Tune your fee distribution schedules with precision. Fusion offers tools to manage annual or project-specific distributions, aiding in financial planning and compliance.

  • Automated scheduling
  • Customize to fit your financial timelines
  • Get yearly breakdowns
  • Forecast and adjust financial flows accurately

Billing to Enhance Partner Relations 

Fusion helps maintain payment cadence and accuracy, keeping your partners happy.

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